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Beats by Dr Dre Studio Headphones - Real vs Fake

The fakes are from so don't buy from this website because they are fake and also they are now mentioned in the counterfeit warning section of the Beats by Dre website. I suspected they might of been fake when the packaging said they were from China and the confirmation email from them was from a Hotmail account.

You can't see very well in this picture, it looked fine when I took it, the silver on the real beats logo is actually silver and the fake one is white. The main difference is the light shining of the headphones, the real ones are much lighter than the fake ones.

This is the left side of the box and they are not even similar.

Sorry for another bad picture, this is the back of the box and this isn't even similar as well. The real box has the picture of the speaker thing on the back; not on the left where it is on the fake(and the one on the fake is really unclear but the one on the real ones is clear).
This is the right side of the box, Dre's face is much smaller and lighter on the real box and the fake picture of Dre is the same as the one that appears when you go on the Beats by Dre website.

Under the black cover of the box it is very similar; but the logo and writing is slightly lower on the fake one than on the real ones and the red on the fake box is slightly lighter.

I couldn't see any difference here apart from the Touring case is a bit different.

The fake Beats logo is slightly bigger, it has a deeper indent on the logo and the case is a bit smaller than the real one.
The real Touring case has the removable pocket but the fake one is suck in.

These are the 1/8" to 1/4" adapters, the real one is black at the top and the fake one is a gold colour.

This picture show the two adapters again; the real one fits perfectly and the fake one dosn't even fit. The following picture shows why.

If you can see inside the hole there is a ridge sticking out stopping anything plugging into it.

These are the airline adapters; the real one came in a bag and the fake one was just in the box. The fake is more square at the top and bumps on the side whereas the real one is rounded off at the top and lines on the side.You probably can't see in this picture but bits that sick out and into the headphone socket on a airline aren't even level so probably won't work but at least you can plug a cable in unlike on the 1/8" to 1/4" adapter.

The fake one hasn't even been put together properly; the bit that you plug in isn't even on level with the black thing with the Monster name and logo at the top.

The fake iSonitalk cable is much shinier that the real one; the idea of this was so you could answer calls and the fake doesn't even have a microphone, sorry I forgot to get a picture of the microphone on the real cable.

The fake Clean cloth is more rectangular than the real one which is square. I think they must of made a mistake making the fake one because the label on the fake one looks like they just put it anywhere.

The real booklet is much thicker because it has lots of different languages and it doesn't have "quick start guide and warranty" on it. Also the fakes came with a leaflet advertising products that I'm not sure even exist.

Sorry about the picture cutting part of the fake headphones off. The fakes were actually quite a bit smaller than the real ones. Both pairs have a serial number under the battery cover but the serial number looks fake as well; I would try registering them but I don't want to take someone who has real Beats serial number.
The fake ones don't snap into place after they have been folded like the real ones that snap perfectly back into place; the fakes feel really weak. When you adjust the length of the fake one they just fall out straight to the bottom but the real ones hold in place perfectly.
I listened to a few songs in both pairs of earphones, I can't talk about bass and mids because I don't know what to listen out for yet but I'm trying to find out so I can. But the fakes don't even give the same volume through each ear cup; the left ear cup was significantly louder than the right one.

Please follow and could I please have some opinions/ suggestions what to do next in the comments.

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  1. The headphones on the left are real but are different from standard packaging because it is designed for 'overseas', hence the thick booklet and different languages. The alternative Monster packaging is similar to the fake packaging on the right which is sold in America and other places. I am from the UK and received genuine Studios with the 'overseas' packaging which Monster themselves informed me of over the phone. You do get genuine headphones that look like the ones on the right but only the box and booklets are different from the overseas packaging. You can tell the ones on the right are fake due to the dodgy airline adapter and the label on the cloth and from the sound quality of the headphones as you aforementioned.

  2. Where did you buy the genuine headphones from because I have some exactly the same and want to check they are genuine :)

  3. The genuine ones were from a Currys shop

  4. I feel that the other point worth mentioning is that, the real ones contain AAA Duracell batteries in the package which come in a plastic cover. Apparently the fake ones either have the batteries without the cover, or they have Chinese branded batteries.

    1. I just bought studio beats and they are in the different language's on the box does that right away tell you that they are real?

  5. I know it was quite a long time ago now because I got the fakes shortly before Christmas last year but I don't remember the fakes coming with any batteries at all.

  6. I think that if you look on the red front cover of the box, the real ones have a little TM written on the right side of the word beats but not on the fake one.

  7. The tm doesn't matter I just purchased sum off Craigslist my box had the tm on the in the right places but my dre beats were fake from the smaller cleaning cloth one of the pictures was diff from the rest of them and the changeable things where gold type color instead of all black at bottom but they sound damn good

  8. Alright so I am ABSOLUTELY confused with my pair of limited edition silver studios now. My packaging contained half fake stuff, and half real.

    -My Box has the exact same left, right, and back pictures EXCEPT the front part. The Headphone is WHITE, not metal/silver.
    -The inside CONTAINS DURACELL TRIPLE A BATTERIES which were WRAPPED together.
    -The Monster cloth is exactly the same as the genuine ones with the "Monster Clean Cloth" symbol located near the bottom.
    -The 1/8" to 1/4" adapters has a Gold part at the top which is fake because the original poster said the real ones had the black part at the top.
    -My airline adapter seems legit, exact same as the original poster's genuine airline adapter.
    -the touring case looked like the genuine ones from the original poster's picture.


  9. oh and also my manual was the thin one like the fakes posted by the original poster's picture.

  10. Thanks you just helped me get dr. dre studio headphones on for 200 dollars brand knew instead of paying 300 hundred dollars. Now i know that they are real

  11. Oh no,I had bought fake one

  12. Are the, "B" on the headphones suppose to go opposite ways?

  13. I want to buy via eBay original studio headphones beats but I'm not sure about this if the cute original headphones.
    You can see the link and tell me if they are genuine or fake?

  14. I could be wrong but selling them brand new for $150 doesn't seem very legit to me

  15. The seller doesn't have any feedback so you can't see if they have been selling fakes

  16. Three years of thorough research and development resulted in the most incredible headphone speaker ever built. Beats features highly advanced materials and construction to deliver a new level of audio accuracy and by dr dre Combining extra-large speaker drivers and a high-power digital amplifier, Beats delivers an unprecedented combination of super deep bass, smooth undistorted highs, and crystal clear vocals never heard before from headphones.

  17. thank you so much for this such article. It help me not to buy the fake ones. thank you so much!!!

  18. Hmm, the best thing to say is, if you paid below $299 beats studio. meaning its fake if they say brand new or new.
    Well, I got my new beats studio last 3 days and the sound is perfectly the same in real beats. After my research I found out mine is FAKE! But AAA+ clone.^^

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  20. Hi, Parkie can you help me? I saw someone on Kijiji selling a $150 Beats Studio headphones. When I asked him to verify if it was real he said:

    " They have all the manuals (the turn it up manual , warranty manual etc) , 2( aaa Duracell batteries still slealed), serial number under the battery lid , air plane adapter and all the wires , the head phone case has a wrapping on it ( fake ones don't) and the headphones are also wrapped inside the carrying case( fake ones arnt and dot come with Duracell batteries or batteries at all). "

    It sounds legit and he he also sent me some photos which looked legit and like the ones on the left you showed. The only thing was, the MONSTER logo was grey, not like the photos on the left but like the fake photos on the right. Do you think the grey MONSTER logo means that his Beats may be fake? Thanks.

  21. hey iam from uk but bought my beats studio from best buy in florida a week ago on a holiday and was looking to see if my beats where official or fakes but the box's ive seen look nothing like mine. i have beats studio down the side and beats by dr dre on the bottom where other pics have the name of the headphones on the bottom i dont have dr dre on my box the whole lay out is different.

    i have a small black cleaning cloth with the little b logo on them
    my travel case has the removeable pocket
    both of my headphone wires are red
    and no monster logo
    please help because iam wanting to sell them and every shop is turning me away because of all the fakes floating about.

    email me if anyone can help

    much apreciated

  22. So I just got my "used" pair of Blue Studios on ebay and they are in great condition but I'm confused. Everything on the box looks real, even down to the large pull out tabs. The only exception is that the Monster label at the bottom and the by Dr.Dre are gray but have the TM. However, the "fake" pictured airplane adapter came with mine and it was in a zip lock bag as well as the larger audio adapter. It also has the fake product slick but came with the smaller Monster book (Welcome to the world of Monster) and the single white paper with Monster information in different languages. The cloth seems real and the actual headset has the serial number on it (which i tried to register and it said already registered, which i assume is good since they were used and the previous owner registered), the left side has what seems to be a legitimate SN number and the right side has the white labels with different signs. Also when you fold them, the beats logo is on the metal part. So while most parts seem real, the airline adapter and slick of products has me concerned. Ideas?

  23. i get mine from the ones on here are better quality and are cheaper then other websites. hope i helped!

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